When your space resembles you in all aspects.
We design your lifestyle in a unique way that fits you perfectly.
We are VI.TA studio
a multidisciplinary design studio focused on creating exceptional scenarios of product, interior, and architecture.

Founded by Virginia Arlotto and Tania Mon. And we are here to continue your vision of life in colors, textures, furniture, accessories, lighting, and objects.
Our philosophy
Our philosophy is to create a space where energy can come in and help you to re-connect with yourself. We reach this state combining aesthetics, innovation, and functionality behind every architecture and interior design project we develop.

We are striving to unleash the special authentic state in every project. Using this conceptual base we are working with residential and public spaces – from commercial to corporates.

Traveling all over the world we are exploring different countries and their cultures, including our favorite part — craftsmanship. These different visual experiences had taught us how to appreciate people`s unique stories. That's why we can find an authentic approach to each of our clients.
To sense a mindful way of living
Create pure aesthetics that reflect each one's uniqueness. Every person is exceptional so should be their surroundings.
The spaces around us are mirrors of who we are as human beings. Those reflections are what translates to the outside world.

We’re here to help you control those narratives, and allow your business to flourish to its full potential.

If your space resembles you, then everything around will be meaningful.
Breath deeper. Create deeper.